USS Liberty Remembrance by Eileen Fleming 

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Wabi Sabi Body Eternal Spirity By Eileen Fleming 

On 7 July 2005, in response to her first of eight trips to Israel Palestine, Eileen Fleming established WeAreWideAwake

This site was established for Eileen's run for US HOUSE in 2012. 

In January 2014, she became the first non-Arab Correspondent for USA's The Arab Daily News and in 2015 became their Health Reporter

Eileen's books are available online  HERE

In 2016 Eileen assumed responsibilty for USS LIBERTY CENTRAL II 

In 2017 she produced:

We Americans and the USS LIBERTY

In 2018 Eileen produced the screenplay:

This American and Israel's Nuclear Whistle Blower Vanunu

US Foreign Policy

What follows are links to a few of my many articles expressing my stand on American foreign policy and my concerns regarding presidential and congressional represenntatives and all candidates for Federal Office

Will Romney View The Real Wailing Wall and Israel's WMD Facility?

TO: US Congress and AIPAC Regarding The Trees and The Children

Why It’s Worse Than It Looks and Why We The People Are The Only Ones Who Can Fix It

EXCLUSIVE to Veterans Today: My Report from AIPAC 2011

Obama and Bibi: YES YOU CAN End the Occupation

A Mother’s Day Manifesto and about Shimon Peres



Presidential Awards and Masters of War

Congress Calls for Clemency for Pollard and Continues to Ignore Calls for Freedom for Vanunu

Days of Awareness and About The Money














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