The USS Liberty was a converted World War II cargo ship that had been transformed into America’s premier spy-ship by 1967. On the morning of 8 June 1967, the USS Liberty was navigating in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea.

A few hours later, thirty-four Americans were dead and over 170 physically wounded onboard Liberty, which endured over 3,000 machine gun hits, a 40-foot hole in her starboard side from the torpedo explosion, most of her vital equipment was destroyed, a quarter of the ship flooded, and her captain severely wounded.

A few hours after the attack on the USS Liberty, the Israeli government apologized that they had “erroneously attacked” the Liberty but the USA cover-up had already begun.

The survivors post-traumatic stress/PTS has been exacerbated by the ongoing USA government cover-up despite many petitions and persistent pleas from the USS Liberty Veterans Association and grass roots efforts.

This script was made possible due to Co-writer Donald Pageler sharing his life story and 'treatment' for PTS; and Eileen Fleming's twelve years of research, and interviews with many of the few remaining USS Liberty survivors of the Six Day War.